School Board

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To address the board, please consider using the public comment time during one of the upcoming board meetings.

You may reach any of the board members by leaving a message with the board secretary at 406-338-2715 x-4218.

You can alternatively reach the entire board by electronic e-mail at To maximize transparency and to facilitate the fastest possible response, your e-mail will automatically be distributed to all members of the school board and the superintendent. Please include your name and phone number to help facilitate the most appropriate response. Note that any e-mail sent to this address is subject to public inspection pursuant to MCA 2-6-102.

Thank you for contacting the trustees and helping Browning Public Schools to be "Always for the Children."

Wendy Bremner - Chairman (2018)
Steve Conway - Vice Chairman - High School Trustee (2019)
James Evans - Trustee (2020)
Velden Calica - Trustee (2018)
Kristy Salway-BullShoe - Trustee (2020)
Jess Edwards - Trustee (2020)
Brian Gallup - Trustee (2018)
James Running Fisher - Trustee (2019)

Trustees term ends in May of the year noted.

* Trustees that filled a vacant position. Trustees will run for election at the next general school board election. That winning candidate will then complete the remainder of the term until that seat is up for election.

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