Welcome to Browning Public Schools and the Blackfeet Nation.

When transitioning to a new school, it is always helpful to remember a few things to make that transition easier for your child.
  • Please contact the school your child will be attending as far in advance of your move and visit with the school's attendance secretary, school counselor and/or school principal regarding specific registration considerations.
  • Consider transferring as near to the beginning of a term as possible. School staff will be happy to discuss these dates with you.
The following are required for full enrollment in Browning Schools
  • birth certificate
  • immunization record (including preschool boosters)
  • enrollment number (if tribal member)
  • legal land description (legal physical address, not just your PO Box)
  • custodial, medical or other legal documents

Immunizations - in order to be admitted, students must show proof of the following immunizations in accordance with Montana Law:
  • diptheria
  • pertussis
  • tetanus
  • poliomyelitis
  • rubella, mumps and measles
Note: Immunizations may not be required if a child qualifies for conditional attendance or an exemption is filed as provided for by Montana Law.

Enrollment Forms - a parent, legal guardian or legal custodian will need to fill out an enrollment form for each child new to the District including kindergarten. Required forms will be listed below soon.