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The Critical Role of Parents and Grandparents

posted Feb 20, 2014, 7:46 AM by BPS Webmaster
One of the key factors that can determine the success or lack of success of your children in school is the degree to which parents and/or grandparents are actively involved in the education of their children or grandchildren. There are small steps that parents and grandparents can take that can have a huge impact on their child’s or grandchild’s learning. Here is a simple list of a few of the steps that can make a big difference: 
  1.  Attendance- This is the most important of the action steps. Please make certain that your child or grandchild attends school everyday, except the times when he or she is ill. If the student is not in the classroom, he or she will be missing important opportunities to learn. Please see to it that your child or grandchild is at school on time everyday.
  2. Rest- Every school-age child needs an average of eight hours of restful sleep each night. That applies to students at the middle school and high school as well (Although they will try hard to convince you otherwise). Set rules in your home about bedtime and have the children stick to them. If your child has access to television, radio, or the Internet in his or her room, clearly establish a time when these devices must be turned off. We see a number of sleepy students at all levels who are not getting enough rest. 
  3. Nutrition- We provide healthy meals at school for the students; however, it is important that students eat nutrition foods at home and avoid certain foods that can either cause the child to not sleep well or to become drowsy during the day time- not to mention that can lead to obesity and perhaps diabetes. It is popular right now among our young people to drink “energy” drinks to make them feel energetic. Many of these products do just the opposite because they are loaded with caffeine that results in restless sleep habits and drowsy periods during the day. Those of you who are coffee drinkers can probably identify with these feelings. Finally high fructose corn syrup is found in most sodas and candies as well as some cereals, ice cream, and cookies. This substance has been associated with obesity in children, and its usually causes quick swings in energy levels. Please try to limit your child’s access to sweets that contain high fructose corn syrup if possible. 
  4. Conversation- One of the areas with which many of our students struggle is vocabulary. One good way to help your child’s vocabulary improve is to engage him or her in conversation daily. Asking your child each day to tell you about something he or she learned at school is a good conversation starter, and it shows your interest in the child’s learning. Again this applies to students of all ages. 
  5. Model Reading- When a child sees his or her parent reading for a variety of purposes, it helps encourage the student to improve his or her reading skills. Try to establish a routine at home where the TV is off and everybody is reading. Even reading15-20 minutes a night can make a huge difference. 
 Thank you again for your support of the Browning Public School District and for being a caring and supportive parent or grandparent. You can truly make a difference in the educational life of your child or grandchild.

 John P. Rouse
 Browning Public School District No. 9